LOSC is now closed

So its the end of an era spanning 21 years. I need to mention Susan Smith and Leah Panter as these were 2 of the original parents that help me set up Loddon Out of School Club back in 1999. We have closed our doors today for the last time. Covid got to us. It drained away our cash flow over the 5 months we were closed and despite having some wonderfully supportive parents and local counsellors, we couldn't save our club. The lack of demand for holiday clubs because so many parents are still furloughed or working from home also didn't help.  I am so sorry for all the staff that were made redundant today. It truly is a sad day after being such a viable business for 21 years. Covid-19 needs to do one now and let us get back to normal. Thank you to everyone who supported us and to our wonderful staff who looked after our lovely children from the local area.